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2017 Spring Assembly


The weekend was a grand success!  The weather was splendid and the company heartwarming, as always.  As we get them, reports will be published to this page for each of the presenters..  Keep checking back for the subjects that interest you!






5:30 PM                Registration opens


5:30-6:30 PM      Registration and Chat with Your delegate....maybe bring your dinner.6:30-7:00 PM      GR and Alternate GR Reception: (open to all members) Meet with Alternate Delegate Michelle G and representatives from the Host Committee. 


Check-in with arriving GRs and Alt GRs, the Alternate Delegate, and representatives from the Host Committee in an open-house style. Pick up your GR orientation packet for the 2017-2019 UT Area panel. This is an opportunity to pause for a few minutes, arrive with us at the Assembly, get help working out any kinks that may be troubling you, and find out what’s going on tomorrow so you can get the big picture and feel at ease going into it.


7:00-8:00 PM    Sharing Meeting:  Open Al-Anon meeting provided by the Host Committee.


8:00-9:00 PM      Al-Anon World Service Committee (AWSC) Meeting:  For all Area Officers/Coordinators including District Representatives. An agenda for this meeting will follow.




8:00 AM to 5 PM     Business Meeting:

   8:00 AM               Registration, coffee and fellowship

   8:10 AM               Workshops (choose one): 

                                       KBDM (Knowledge Based Decision Making),

                                       Al-Anon Acronyms Old and New, or

                                       Links of Service (in Spanish)

   8:55 AM               Welcome/Icebreaker

   9:10 AM               Roll Call and Introductions

   9:25 AM               How do we do business? / Rules of the Conference

   9:40 AM               Officer/Coordinator Reports (Alternate Delegate, Forum, Alanews and Literature)

  10:00 AM              Break

  10:15 AM              Breakouts:

                                      GR Training

                                      DR Caucus

                                      Past Delegate Meeting

                                      Spanish Focus (in Spanish) - How can we get Spanish and English speaking meembers together?

                                     Alateen Focus - Growing Alateen

                                     Writing Workshop - Putting your experience, strength and hope on paper

  10:50 AM            Breakout Report Back - Find out what happened at the breakout group that you didn't pick!

  11:00 AM            Guidelines (including archivist report)

  11:45 AM            Officer and Coordinator Reports (District Representatives) - find out what all the districts have been up to since Fall Assembly 2016

  Noon to 1 PM      Lunch and a Speaker Meeting - for those who missed Fall Fellowship 2015, here's another

                                  chance to listen to a family who found reocvery together

   1:00 PM             Delegate's Time

   1:30 PM             SWRDM Report:  Southwest Regional Delegates Meeting (SWRDM)

   1:45 PM             Alateen Report - good stuff from our Alateens

   2:05 PM             Officer/Coordinator Reports - Alateen, Alateen Process Person and AAIS (Al-Anon Area Information Service)

   2:15 PM             Skit - Laughter with a message?

   2:30 PM             Treasurer Report

   2:45 PM              Archives Task Force - Progress report on preserving our archives in the 21st century

   3:15 PM             Break

   3:30 PM             Officer/Coordinator Reports - Public Outreach, Recording Secretary, Group Records Secretary

   3:40 PM             Website Presentation - Seen the website lately?  Here's what's new.

   4:00 PM             GR Voting (if needed)

   4:30 PM             Planning ahead:  Delegate's Day 2018, International 2023, Fall Assembly - bring your calendars!

   4:50 PM             Closing 




9:00 AM       Spiritual Sharing Meeting - All are welcome as this is an opportunity to end our Assembly weekend on a spiritual high.