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AMIAS Workshop

What is an Alateen Sponsor? Interested in being AMIAS?

Curious how to become AMIAS? Who are Alateens?

Already AMIAS and have questions?

What does an AMIAS do? Learn Best Practices with Alateens

Come get your Questions Answered April 29th from 2 to 4 PM at the Red Barn Farms in Farmington!

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This information is provided as recertification training for current AMIAS sponsors and to inform members who would like to know what AMIAS is all about and what is required.


AMIAS Sponsors Share

Were you hesitant to become an AMIAS Sponsor? If so what made you decide to become a Sponsor?

I was hesitant, but I followed through because I was raised in an alcoholic home and wasn’t given the opportunity to recover from the disease as a child.  Being able to help kids, including my son, recover now, rather than waiting until they are adults is important to me. – T. C.


Why do you continue to be an AMIAS sponsor?

I love service! It is how I pay back for my program.  Also the Alateens’ stories are easy to relate to, and they are the future of Al-Anon. – C. O.


What do you find most rewarding from your AMIAS service?

The most rewarding aspect of AMIAS service for me is getting to know many Alateens in a way that would not be possible otherwise.  Like with my Al-Anon family, sharing meetings creates a special bond, and with the kids there is openness, innocence, and vulnerability that is rare in adults.  Alateens are amazing and they bring out the best in me! – S. W.


Q & A on AMIAS Sponsorship


Why do we need Alateen Sponsors?

                *Alateens cannot meet without an AMIAS present.  This means that Alateen meetings cannot exist without AMIAS sponsors.


How often do I participate?

                *As much or as little as you like.  Currently we are short on Alateen sponsors for the Wednesday Night meeting at 8pm at Ogden Regional.  We are looking for someone to attend the Alateen meeting as an AMIAS sponsor every 3rd Wednesday and/or every 4th Wednesday of the month(1 or 2 meetings a month).  We need sponsors that are willing to fill in for sponsors when they are unable to make a meeting.  We also need sponsors to assist at UTAC (Utah Alateen Conference).


How do I become AMIAS?

*You need 2 years of Al-Anon participation, consistently attend Al-Anon meetings, be 21 years of age, and successfully complete 3 forms (Utah Alateen Service Member Candidate Profile, AMIAS Background Check form, and Al-Anon Member Involved in Alateen Service Form).   Contact Michelle L (contact info below) to submit forms.


What do they do at an Alateen Meeting?

* An Alateen meeting is structured just like an Al-Anon meeting with the exception that they usually read the Alateen Dos and Don’ts along with the other meeting literature.  The chair person (Alateen member) picks a topic and the teens read on the topic and/or share their experience, strength, and hope.


What is the AMIAS Role in an Alateen Meeting?

* As AMIAS your main role is to be in the room so the Alateens can have a meeting.  Sometimes it may be necessary to keep the kids on track with the topic and to set healthy behavior guidelines/boundaries for the meeting.  You are welcome to share your experience, strength, and hope in the meeting, however you are encouraged to listen and not dominate the meeting. 


What if a child talks about being abused?

* It is Utah State Law that if you know of child abuse, you must report it to the authorities.


Will being an AMIAS sponsor bring up my childhood issues?

* It is very possible.  If this happens talk reach out to another AMIAS sponsor and/or your Al-Anon sponsor to work through these feelings.



Alateens Share


How have Alateen Sponsors helped in your meeting?

I like that sponsors give an outside perspective, but add a little wisdom to it.  Sometimes they understand the situation better than the kids and they can break it down for everyone to understand.  Not letting the meeting get too chaotic is always a benefit.  The support from sponsors is greatly appreciated! I also like that we all become so close! – T. H.


At the UTAC (Utah Alateen Conference) can you tell me about how a sponsor helped you?

No Sponsor left any member behind in recovering up there.  And the sponsors helped us to be genuinely happy rather than sad about our problems at home. – K. B.


What do you like about having an Alateen sponsor in a meeting?

I like it, it helps us stay on task and get through what we need to get through and they help us handle what we are going through. – D. H.


Why should Al-Anon members become Alateen Sponsors?

Because they’ve been through similar things that we’ve been through or we are still going through.  Sponsors can share their experience, strength, and hope with the Alateens and sometimes hearing how an adult dealt with something will help us with what we are dealing with.  – C. M.


What is one lesson you have learned from Alateen?

The biggest and I think most important thing Alateen did for me was to realize that it is a disease. – D. H.


How do sponsors help you with your steps?

Sponsors help me understand the steps more fully.  They also encourage me and help me with the steps when they are hard at times.  – H. P.


       AMIAS Sponsor  Resources

Alateen Service E-Manual:

Alateen Literature:

Hope for Children of Alcoholics (B-3)

Courage to be ME (B-23)

Alateen – a day at a time (B-10)

Alateen Sponsorship – Is It for You? (S-27)



Ready to take your service to a whole new level?  First, read this letter: Letter to Alateen Sponsor Applicant

Here are the forms required to attain AMIAS status:

   1. Alateen Sponsor Candidate Profile Form A-22-1

   2. Al-Anon Member Involved in Alateen Service Form A-22-2

   3. AMIAS Background Form (which involves getting a fingerprint card)

Other Alateen Forms:

     Travel Authorization and Consent to Medical Treatment of a Minor


Do you have questions?  Contact our Area Process Person at