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The Delegate's Corner


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       A WORD OR TWO FROM NANCY, the Utah Area Delegate (February 2017)


WOW, I’m excited!  It’s hard to believe that two months have passed since becoming the Utah Area Delegate, Panel 57.  It is such an honor and privilege to serve the Al-Anon/Alateen community.


What have I been doing?  The last part of December e-mails from the World Service Office (WSO) started to trickle in.  Then the avalanche came, and continues.  I read as many as possible and am using a system to manage them.  I have participated in the initial conference call for new Panel 57 delegates.  It was very informative as are the numerous e-mails.  I love conference calls.  As I learn more, I’ll gladly share any information that I can. 


During February I began planning and preparation for in the South West Region Delegate’s Meeting (SWRDM) in Aurora, CO, from March 10 through 12; the Spring Assembly, March 17 through 19 in Logan and the World Service Conference (WSC), April 23 through 30 in Virginia Beach, VA, including the bid for the 2023 International Al-Anon Convention.  It’s been a little busy!


I have been assigned a good mentor by the WSO.  Patrick M and others have been very supportive and helpful.  I also have a marvelous Service Sponsor.


The weekend of February 24 through 26 an Al-Anon friend and I attended the 20th Annual Dixie Winterfest (an AA sponsored conference with Al-Anon cooperation).  There were guest speakers, workshops on spirituality and anonymity, marathon sharing meetings including four Al-Anon meetings based on the pamphlet “When I Got Busy, I Got Better”. We had fun and formed new friendships.


Our original plan included arriving in Hurricane on Wednesday early enough to attend the Hurricane AFG.  However, Mother Nature had other plans.  We drove through a snow blizzard with huge flakes, praying for our safe arrival in St. George.  We attended the Thursday Night, Monday Noon and Tuesday Night Al-Anon meetings in St. George.  We also drove to Kanab on Tuesday to attend Red Rock Serenity AFG before returning to Salt Lake on Wednesday


So …what’s next?  Among other things our calendar includes:


March 10-12               SWRDM                                       Aurora, CO

March 17-19               Spring Assembly                            Logan, UT

April 8                        AAIS Chili/Soup/Dessert Auction    St. James Episcopal Church

April 23-30                 World Service Conference               Virginia Beach, VA

                                 Theme – Our Members: Our Hope for the Future

June 3                           Delegate’s Day                          TBA

And as many Al-Anon Family Group (AFG) and speaker meetings as I can fit in!!


As time passes I hope and pray we can continue to grow together and develop new pathways by thinking outside of the box, following the spirit of the guidelines, communicating often and trying new things.



Nancy W.,,   Reach out and touch someone!