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The Delegate's Corner

Notes from Nancy, Spring Assembly 2017


TEAM EVENT – Have you attended a TEAM event? What is a TEAM event? A TEAM event was held in Salt Lake City about 8 years ago. Two states combine and the World Service Office (WSO) brings a workshop to the Al-Anon community. Arizona was our partner and others came from surrounding states. It re-energized my Al-Anon program. Are you interested and would you attend? The next one is in Missoula, MT on June 16-18 between Montana and Idaho.


BOARD ROAD TRIP – The WSO takes one of their quarterly Board meetings on a ‘road trip’ from Virginia Beach, VA. It gives us the opportunity to see the Board in action. This October 21 it will be held in Aurora, CO.


LITERATURE – Enough?  If not, what else do we need/want. Too expensive, especially for newcomers? Should more literature and daily reader be soft cover? Why or Why not? Have you seen the new Paths to Recovery workbook or the combined newcomer’s packet?


CONFERENCE CALLS – Would you participate in regular conference calls at 712-432-1500, access code 612063. Calls are free using a cell phone with adequate long distance minutes. The purpose of the calls is to share thoughts and issues with me as I’m your mouthpiece to WSO and Conference. How frequent; how long? I love conference calls. It’s my opinion that last Saturday of odd (March, May, July, etc) months at 8:30 am would work for the majority.


SKITS – Do you write Al-Anon themed skits? Would you be willing to share them with the Utah Area on the website?


Things to remember

1. Get a service sponsor
2. Read the Service Manual
    They will not be distributed to each group at no charge any more …
3. Visit websites often
     Area -
     WSO -
4. Participation is the key to harmony
     (Concept 4)



               A WORD OR TWO FROM NANCY, the Utah Area Delegate, April 2017


                WOW, I’m excited!  I’m in Virginia Beach, VA for the World Service Conference.  I arrived a little early to be prepared as the voice for the great state of Utah. 


                March was a busy month with SWRDM near Denver March 10 through 12.  It was my fifth (3 as Alternate Delegate 2011-13 and 2015 when Salt Lake City hosted and I was just an interested Al-Anon). It’s always so good to see familiar faces from neighboring regions (Hawaii. North and South California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado).  There’s always so much to learn and be enjoyed.  It was marvelous to have Patrick M, Michelle G and Mary Y there as well.


                The Spring Assembly in Logan was so well attended it made my heart swell with gratitude and love.  The AWSC (Area World Service Committee headed by Patrick M) is well organized even though we lost two trusted servants whom will be missed but quickly replaced by additional willing servants).  The District 1 committee had everything needed and more.  I suggested to Robert D that it become a tradition for Spring Assembly but he declined.


                Life continues to be filled with mysterious adventures but the tools of Al-Anon allow me to be grateful and learn lessons my Higher Power whom I choose to call God knows I need.


                So …what’s next?  Among other things our calendar includes:


April 23-30                   WSC                                               Virginia Beach, VA

    Theme – Our Members: Our Hope for the Future

If you or your Al-Anon Family Group desires to send LOVE GIFTS for sharing with various attendees at the Conference, please send to:

Nancy Williams:

c/o Al—Anon World Service Conference
Oceanfront Motel
5700 Atlantic Avenue
Virginia Beach, VA   23451


Anything from bookmarks to post cards to trinkets of any kind are welcome.  Monetary gifts are also always welcome.  Checks may be made payable to the WSO and they will be placed in the 7th Tradition basket

June 3                           Delegate’s Day                          Payson, UT

June 17-18                  Montana/Idaho TEAM           Missoula, MT     (Tentative)

                                        See WSO Member website for additional information

Sept 29-Oct 1             Fall Assembly                            Salt Lake City, UT

Oct 21                           WSO Board Road Trip            Aurora, CO

July 6-8, 2018             Al-Anon’s 6th International Convention        Baltimore, MD


And as many Al-Anon Family Group (AFG) and speaker meetings as I can fit in!!



Reach out and touch someone!