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Fall Assembly 2016

     Results of the Utah Al-Anon/Alateen Fall Assembly 2016

September 23 -25

Sons of Utah Pioneers Hall

3261 E 2920 South Street Salt Lake City, UT  84109





      1. Should the Utah Area submit a bid to host the 2023 Al-Anon International Convention?  The first voting item on the agenda is  whether or not our Area should submit a bid to the World Service Office (WSO) to host the 2023 Al-Anon International Convention.  Please review the Bid Letter and the Knowledge Based Decision Making (KBDM) materials, discuss them in your groups and come to the Assembly with your group's thoughts.  RESULT:  The assembly voted to move forward and submit a bid.


       2.  PANEL 57 ELECTIONS! And the winners are:

Delegate:  Nancy W.

Alternate Delegate:  Michelle G.

Area Chair:  Patrick M.

Recording Secretary:  Elaine W.

Group Records Secretary:  Cory O.

Treasurer:  Kevin B.

Alateen Coordinator:  Sheldon W.

Alateen Process Person:  Beverly J

Alanews Coordinator:  Mikel

Archives Coordinator:  Jacklyn J.

Forum Coordinator:  Bob

Guidelines Coordinator:  Chris S.

Literature Coordinator:  Tiffany

Public Outreach Coordinator:  Dawn M.

AAIS Coordinator:  Dave B.

Website Coordinator:  Jason C.


        3.  Recommendations from the Utah Area Archive Thought Force - A thought force was created at the spring assembly and tasked with "How should we handle the Area Archives taking into consideration the past, the present and the future?"  This paper is the product of that thought force and will be presented by our chair, Michelle G.  It will be published here ahead of time in order for everyone to read and absorb it before the fall assembly. 


RESULTS:  The assembly voted to proceed as the thought force recommended in their report.  Based on this decision, the current Area Chair made the following assignments:


           *  The guidelines committee was assigned with creating the area archives guideline, according to the recommendations of the thought force.


           *  A task force was created, chaired by Chris C., to develop methods and recommendations for digitizing the physical archives for access solely by the Archivist in order to more easily share the documents with inquiring members upon request and to have backup images of hard copy documents in case of damage to or loss of the physical archive.  Also, develop a method for collecting new archive submissions in digital format when available in addtion to the physical format.


          *  The guidelines committee was also assigned with creating a detailed catalog of the current contents of the physical archives so that the web coordinator can post to the web and members can use for research.




     a.  Dave B made a motion to pay the full amount to send our delegate to WSC.  Denise L. seconded.  The vote was unanimous.
     b.  Robert D. made a motion to send our area chair to SWRDM.  Lisa K. seconded.  The vote was unanimous.
     c.  Darla K. made a motion that the area cover the expenses for the 2017 Spring Assembly.  Sheldon W. seconded.  The vote was unanimous.
     d.  Norma D. made a motion that $1,000 be donated to WSO.  John M. seconded.  The motion passed.
     e.  Lee made a motion that $500 be transferred to savings to ensure an ample reserve.  Lori seconded.  The motion passed.
     f.  Dave B. made a motion that the budget be approved as presented.  Darla K. seconded.  The motion passed.







Delegate's Report - Patrick M.

Forum Coordinator Report - Elaine W.

Public Outreach Report - Nancy W.

Website Coordinator Report - Chris C.

District 1 Report - Chris C.



Committees Formed:     (*=Chair)



  Chris S.*

  Chris C.

  Robert D.

  Sheldon W.

  Stanna B.

  Heather B.

  Mary Y.

  Celestia G.

  Lori G.


Publice Outreach

  Dawn M.*


  Joanna S.

  Heather B.



  Jason C.*

  John M.

  Chris C.

  Celestia G.

  Nathan D.



  Kevin B.*

  Michelle G.


  Darla K.


  Denise L.