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Utah Area Archives

At the 2016 Fall Assembly, an Archives Task Force was created to take the collection of archival materials into the digital age.  This page is a work in progress so check back frequently to see what's available.  If you'd like to help, please email the chair person at



Prior to 2014, the archive documents were kept primarily in paper format.  The archivist keeps them at her home and members can request items by sending an email to  The problem was that there was no good way of knowing what was available.  In 2016, the Assembly gave permission to publish the catalog.  The following PDF files reflect the contents of the storage tubs and hopefully will make it easier for members to find what things they are interested in researching:


     Box 1 - World Service Office and World Service Conference


     Box 2 - Past Delegates


     Box 3 - Love Gifts


     Box 4 - Memorabilia


     Box 5 - District Information (except District 3)


     Box 6 - Forum Magazines - 1955 to 1997


     Box 7 - Forum Magazines - 1998 to 2013


     Box 8 - Conference Approved Literature (CAL)


     Box 9 - More Conference Approved Literature (CAL)


     Box 10 - Public Outreach and Institutions


     Box 11 - SWRDM, RSS, and PRAASA


     Box 12 - District 3 Information


     Box 13 - Tapes and Cassettes


     Box 14 - More Tapes and Cassettes


     Box 15 - Pamphlets


     Box 16 - 50th Birthday Party and TEAM Conference


     Box 17 - International Conferences


     Box 18 - Alanews, Area Newsletter (some digital copies area already available at the bottom of the Alanews Page)


     Box 19 - Alateen


     Box 20 - AWSC - Beginning to 1999


     Box 21 - AWSC - Minutes and Guidelines


     Box 22 - Skits and Songs


     Box 23 - Area Al-Anon Information Service (AAIS)